60,000 acres of land

Because We Are Bigger:

  • Utah’s largest mountain ranch (60,000 acres)
  • More private terrain than ALL other companies COMBINED
  • Large variety of trails and tours
  • Cover twice the terrain as most
  • An abundance of authentic wilderness
  • Room to ride and awe inspiring views

Because they are smaller:

  • Unvarying terrain & uninspiring views
  • Small play areas
  • Due to limited terrain they only offer 2hr trips (or Less)
  • Slow down their tours to make up for lack of terrain
  • No where to go when the snow gets all tracked out
  • Beware...Try to pass stock photography off as their own
Vast Terrain

Because We Are Private:

  • Exclusive Accsess to Vast Terrain with Amazing Variety
  • River Valleys, Huge Bowls and Towering Peaks
  • No Housing Developments
  • True Looped Trails
  • Pristine Backcountry
  • Best chance to see Wildlife

Because they are Public:

  • They have to share crowded trails with public snowmobiles and even other companies
  • Goverment Restrictions on riding
  • Housing developments or sagebrush fields
  • Lots of Public snowmobiles to compete with for space on the trails
  • Out and back on same trail, little variety
Number One on Trip Advisor

Established Quality Reputation:

  • #1 rated on Trip Advisor and Yelp.  "Award of Excellence"
  • -More 5 Star Reviews than all companies COMBINED.
  • -Don't believe our bloviating.  Trust your fellow travellers.
  • -Awarded "Best of State" and "Best of Park City"  and Trip Advisor "Certificate of Excellence" and "Travelers' Choice"
  • -We don't have hidden 4% "Fees" tacked on when you make an order online.
  • -"Vive la Difference"  Yes, there is a Big difference

Others sometimes not so much:

  • -Only 15% of reviews
  • -Old and not improving or new and unproven start ups  
  • -Initially they may offer a lower price but after they hit you with their "Mandatory Fees". Poof...Not such a Deal
  • -You don't always get what you pay for.  Even if their price is similar to Thousand Peaks their experience is NOT.
  • -May just be a 3rd party booking outfit that doesn't even do the actual trip

Because We Get More Snow:

  • -Utah’s Highest elevations (11,000') =30 feet of Annual Powder
  • -Longest Season (starts earlier and ends later)
  • -Consistant Great Snow Conditions all Season long.
  • -Like with Skiing...Snow makes all the difference
  • -The Rockies aren't too rocky with all our Snow.

Because they get Less Snow:

  • -Lower elevations (Esp below 7,000ft) = a lot less snow.  
  • -They measure their snow in Inches not Feet
  • -Low snow = poor riding conditions, dirt and ice
  • -Makes for extra shuttles to get to the snow and Lousy Snowmobiling

Facilities and Location:

  • -New Log Base Lodge and a Log Backcountry Cabin for lunch
  • -Not the closest to Park City but 15min farther makes a world of difference
  • -Private Grooming Fleet to Maintain Trails
  • -Wildlife Conservation Unit means more Wildlife


  • -2 Outfits are closer to Park City but this also means Smallest and Lowest Elevation
  • -No Backcountry cabins
  • -Close to developments prevents a true backcountry mountain experience
Top of line snowmobiles

Because We Have Nice New Snowmobiles:

  • -We invest in New, Top of the Line Ski-Doo's Each Year
  • -From Beginner to Expert, Our Brand-New Snowmobiles are the Easiest to Ride and the Most Fun
  • -Liquid-cooled, True Mountain Machines
  • -You should expect the Best equipment.

Because they don't:

  • -Older, beat up and outdated snowmobiles
  • -Heavy clunkers are Harder to ride and Easier to get Stuck
  • -Increased chances of breaking down
  • -No variety to choose from.  Only 550 trail sleds